Are Scottish girls more traditional in their choice of bridal headpieces?

As always, I like to have a look through Pinterest and Twitter  to see what is trending in bride’s hair accessories. Flitting around, looking at what was in the photographs, it struck me, that in pages and pages and pages, there were no brides-to-be wearing tiaras, except for 2 royal brides from different European Royal families.


Does that mean that my Scottish brides, who choose tiaras are too traditional in their choice?

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We have many brides-to-be who ask to be shown a tiara before they look at anything else. Conversely we have many brides-to-be who are adamant they will not even consider a tiara, yet there is a proportion who will be in that category and once they see a tiara on, will rapidly change their mind. Do the dreams of a little girl of wearing white dress, a tiara, and veil, stay with the girl until adulthood, when she is choosing her wedding accessories?


Having sold wedding jewellery for almost 10 years, the number of tiaras being sold has stayed fairly constant. In that time, we have seen an explosion of many different types of hair pieces.  Hair Vines, a relative newbie,  which has taken the wedding market by storm. To begin with they were difficult to source from manufacturers. Now they are readily available. At first my clients didn’t much like what we had, so I learned how to make them, to meet the bride’s vision of her wedding hair jewellery. This is now one of our most popular lines of bespoke orders.

WP_20161021_19_43_30_Pro pexels-photo-128987

Then there is the trend towards double combs with hanging necklace between them. This is very popular just now. When we got the first commercially made ones they seemed to be poorly made, so again, I started making them, and have made quite a few for clients who wish something truly bespoke.


Single combs are very pretty in the right kind of hairstyle, but are not quite as popular as they were for brides. However, they are usually the first thing looked at for bridesmaids. The trend in comb design is for long trailing parts, with an overall more fluid design, almost like a hair vine with a central part.


Jamie Louise Strachan was Will 4

Hairpins are another growing trend, as a small proportion of girls are looking for something subtle, and simple.


This year there has been a growing number of requests for a hairpiece which will fit in the back of the hair, with very little being seen at the front. We have a number of combs, and other bits and pieces which fit these criteria very well.


Another popular style of headpiece is the headband. Side clusters are very popular, as are full headbands.

Which do you prefer?

10376834_10154250700875015_6192808034483954365_n  Fiona_Wallace_3

What do you think?

Are Scottish girls more traditional than other nationalities? All of these weddings have taken place in the past year or so, and all of the brides have been supplied by us. What do you think?

Our view: There is no such things as the most popular headpiece. There are ebbs and flows of trends. e.g. three years ago we got a new comb into stock. For around 6 months we had to keep restocking. Then demand fell away. No-one was even looking at it at wedding fairs. Three months ago, there was a sudden flurry of interest in it again and in that time we’ve sold four of them. No idea, why it is suddenly in favour again.

Perhaps the trends are being set by those in charge of the media, e.g. those who are pinning on Pinterest etc.. There are a number of brides out there who want to be different, and they are the ones opting for a bespoke headpieces. Brides use online albums such as Pinterest to get ideas, but maybe they are not quite such ‘slaves to fashion’ as the wedding media portray.

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