Who chose to be a June bride?

It’s June, the wedding month. Why is it the wedding month? When did you get married or which month is your wedding scheduled for?

I’ve recently been asking a number of our lovely brides why they chose that exact month to get married and the answers are varied. I’ve met them when exhibiting at various wedding fairs, private appointments etc, and even through our online shop, www.weddingjewellery4you.co.uk.

January – very good deals on hotels as it is such a quiet month in the catering trade, seems to be the reason most January brides give.

Wedding reception

February – St Valentines Day, and the tail end of the good deals.

St Valentine Image

March – my birthday is in March; Spring is in the air; it suited us.


April – The end of winter; a feeling of new life; still the old one of, start of the new financial year


May – Likely to be better weather; 4 pay cheques since Christmas; my parents got married in May

Better Weather

June – I’ve always wanted to be a June bride; Long days and better weather; honeymoon before we start paying high flight prices due to school holidays


July – ties in with people having holidays from work so they can attend the wedding; my work patterns dictate when I’m free as I’m a teacher; Better chance of good weather; more flowers in the gardens of the hotel for photographs


August – love the idea of the summer, flowers, and the heat at the end of the summer; good time for our families


September – ‘Like having a wedding after the kids go back to school, and I’d get some peace to organise the last minute things; cheaper air fairs for the honeymoon


October – the colours of the leaves will look great in our photographs; ‘Tis the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,’ sounds so romantic! Gives me the spring and summer to prepare for the wedding, so won’t feel hassled.


November – Got a good deal on the hotel as it is a slack month for them; I could only get my photographer in November; I won’t have to worry about people being too hot/cold outside as everything will take place inside. I’ve got a few elderly relatives so this is important as I’ll not have to make sure they are not being challenged mobility wise.


December – Love the idea of being a Christmas bride; I can have red as a theme colour as it is my favourite colour; that’s the only time we can both get off work together, so we are combining our annual 2 weeks with our usual Christmas/New Year days to give us almost 4 weeks off work.


Sifting through the comments, there are one or two recurring themes – financial, hotels and airfares are cheaper at certain times. School holidays have quite an impact. The weather also has a role to play, although it is so hard to predict the weather on the actual day, the weather comments are hopeful, rather than accurate.

So, to return to you. When? Why? Wonder if your reasons are the same as any of the above one?

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One thought on “Who chose to be a June bride?

  1. Hello, I met you at the wedding exhibition at the AECC and again at the one at the Tufted Duck, your work is stunning and I can’t wait for my wedding dress to arrive later in the year so I can plan what style of hair accessory to go for! I would love a chance to win the £50 voucher. I am a June bride, Friday 1 June next year 🙂 can’t wait!


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