5 ways to help you choose your bridal hairdo



How are you going to do your hair?’ This is one of the first questions we ask when we meet new clients.

It surprises me how often a bride-to-be, will shrug, and say, ‘I don’t know.’

Often I hear, ‘I never thought about that.’

It is understandable as the bride has so many decisions to make, and by the time it comes to hair, they are often, literally reeling from everything they need to organise and keep track of.

So, for this week’s blog I thought I’d concentrate on the setting for our wedding hair accessories, the hairstyle.

1# How long is your hair going to be? If it is short, and won’t be much longer for your wedding, then what do you want to wear on your hair? For short styles you need to remember that a comb isn’t likely to stay in, a tiara would be good, as would a band, whether a full headband, or a side cluster. Short hair can work well with a side cluster as it is easier to slide the undecorated side under the hair, so all that is seen is the cluster.

NW__0355   NW__0646

2# What colour will your hair be? Dark hair makes a headpiece stand out.  Recently we have had a number of girls who have their hair dyed almost grey. Like very blond hair, this makes the headpiece choice so much more difficult, as a lot of headpeices will fade into the background hair colour.  Also, how will you feel in 10 years time when you look at your wedding photographs and you see that the purple hair, which you thought was so super cool at the time, in retrospect looks outdated.


3#You’ve got long hair. What style? Up/down/half up? Do you want to look very different from everyday, or if your hair is down all the time anyway, would you prefer to look quite like your daily self? It is entirely up to you, but one thing is to remember, you need to feel comfortable with your hairstyle. One young lady I knew had her long, dark hair put up, and it was gorgeous, Unfortunately, she forgot that the reason why her hair was always down was because as soon as she changed the direction of the hair from down to up, she got the most awful headache which came from the direction change. Her wedding was spoiled for her because of this. Even by the time her photographs were being taken her eyes were almost closed because of the headache she had. Popping paracetamol is not the best way to begin married life.

4# You’ve got really fine hair and despair of having a nice hairstyle. Don’t worry about it. You can have so many different pieces put in your hair to makes it look thicker/longer/fuller. e.g extensions, various mousses, etc.  Your headpiece can help with this too. You don’t need to choose something heavy which will fall out. A hairvine can be woven into your hair giving depth and the illusion of volume. A tiara can be used to hide a thinning top, as can a headband. If you really want a comb, choose a light one, with a clip on the back rather than a comb, as it is less likely to fall out. A wire one is perhaps the best kind for you, as they tend to be lighter, and have longer strands to be moulded into your hair shape.

5# You hate anything in your hair and everyone says you need something, read that as ‘proud mama’! Remember, it is your hair. You decide. Listen politely to what others say, but quietly do your own thing. If you can’t stand hair things, then do what you want. It is your wedding, and you are the bride. You are allowed to assert yourself. All the others will have already had their chance, or will have their chance in the future. This is your wedding, and you make the decisions.

Good luck to all of you brides-to-be, making such an important decision. It would be good to hear of the process you went through to decide on your hairstyle, as your comments may help others in the same situation.


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