What about that dress?

Last Saturday, Pippa Middleton, sister, of the wife, of the heir, to the heir to the throne got married. No doubt everyone has seen her wedding photographs, and perhaps wondered over the information that her dress cost in the region of £40,000!

The dress

There can be no dispute, her dress was beautiful, and she looked stunning, but then so did all the other brides of last Saturday. They looked equally as gorgeous in their dream wedding dress, irrespective of where it came from, and what it cost.

Out of interest, would you wear a dress which is so heavily decorated with lace? Do you prefer something with no lace, or something with some lace decorating it? It would be nice to hear your views. Have a look on our online shop, to see if there is a headpeice which you think you’d like to wear at your wedding? Let us know if there is one which catches your eye? www.weddingjewellery4you.co.uk

When Pippa’s sister got married a few years ago, we began to see a trend change. Going to a lot of wedding fairs all over Scotland, we see many of the fashion shows, and after Kate got married, the fashion of strapless dresses, with large skirts, some sparkly decoration, and often heavy ruching and pleating on the bodice or skirt, began to disappear.

A strapless beaded dress witha ruched bodice, and a frilly, flouncy skirt.

It was replaced with lace. To begin with, solid, all over lace, like Pippa’s dress. This  has gradually given way to lace motifs on top of the dress fabric.  At the moment there are two definite trends. One is the almost backless dress, and the other is the textured dress with lace panels, often giving a 3d effect.

A backless wedding dress

Even Pippa had her little bit of trendy backlessness in her dress with it’s heart shaped cut out.

Pippa’s dress


On the same day as Pippa got married, one of our brides, also got married. Her dress was gorgeous as she wore blush pink, with raised lace flowers. It suited her perfectly, and we were very pleased to see her wearing the bespoke headpiece we made for her.

Kimmie Stephen 3
Miss Kimmie Wilson, before she became Mrs Stephen. Her bridal comb and her bridesmaid headpieces were bespoke pieces from us.

Before Kate got married, brides tended to veer towards significant diamante tiaras. Then, when lace hit the trend board, the requests for bespoke lace headpieces began to come in.

One of our  brides from 4-5 years ago, wearing our regal diamante tiara, still in stock, and still in demand.
One of our bespoke lace headpieces

Have a look at our online shop, www.weddingjewellery4you.co.uk, to see the range of bridal headpeices we have in stock.

Within the past 2 years, the trend towards lace headpieces has moved on. Now, anything goes. Indian style bindis. combs, hairvines, tiaras, side cluster headbands, you name it, we’ve sold it.

What did you decide to wear to your wedding, and why did you veer to that design? Your comments would be welcomed.

It will be interesting to see if Pippa’s bespoke tiara will push the trend towards smaller tiaras, or will her influence on future bridal fashion, be less than her sister’s was?


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