What does today’s bride want to to wear as a bridal headpiece?

The answer to this is simple!

Anything goes!

We exhibit at a lot of different wedding shows, and no matter where we are, our show sales all have a common trend.

#Show 1, and we sell nothing but tiaras, big, small, dainty, in your face.

2 inch tall diamante tiara  






Pearl and diamante tiara
Regal diamante tiara

#Show 2, not one tiara is tried on, or even looked at, but headbands are the favourite, usually, with one in particular being the most popular.

Diamante wave side cluster headband


Diamante Art Deco style side cluster headband


Handmade pearl and diamante headband

#Show 3, might be a mixed show with some favouring hair vines, and some favouring hair combs.

Diamante spray comb


Pearl and diamante hair vine


Pearl  and diamante hair comb

#Show 4, poor foot fall so no real favourite emerges.

When we have our private appointments, we find that the brides often have a very clear idea of what they want. For months the bride has trawled through bridal magazines, cutting out pictures, and has stored every photo on her phone  from Pinterest. Once we see what interests her, we can usually find something very similar in our extensive stock of all types of wedding hair accessories.

Then we get the bride who is overwhelmed by the number of decisions she needs to make. We treat her gently, and we ask a lot of questions before we start to show her a selection of pieces. Often we help her try on something which is perhaps the opposite of what she has said, as that helps focus her thoughts on what she really wants to look like on her wedding day. We seldom are beaten, and usually find something which is the perfect piece for her, bringing a broad smile to her face.

Our custom made range can help to fill in the gaps, as we can make something to match the bride’s dress,  a totally unique, bespoke piece of wedding jewellery. We can adapt pieces or make a piece from the start.

5 Reasons to visit our stand at the Braehead Wedding Exhibition Image 002
Bespoke pearl and diamante headpiece

To return to the original question, what does today’s bride want to wear to her wedding? The answer is still the same. Anything which she likes, and wants!

All of the above pieces are currently on our website.www.weddingjewellery4you.co.uk.

We carry a wide range of wedding jewellery & accessories in our online shop, and also offer bespoke, and custom pieces. Personal appointments are available at our base in Scotland, UK.  Contact us for more details on info@greypussjewellery.com


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